Michigan Osteopathic Association

Michigan Osteopathic Association

MOA President asks Lawmakers to Approve Legislation that Increases Time for Patient Care

Edward J. Canfield, D.O., president of your Michigan Osteopathic Association (MOA), testified in front of the Michigan House of Representatives House Health Policy Committee to support House Bills 4274 and 4275. These two bills "will cut red tape and improve efficiencies in the delivery of health care by creating a single, two-page universal prior authorization form," said Dr. Canfield. 

By creating a universal prior authorization form MOA members may improve patient outcomes and streamline the process for prescribing the appropriate life-saving prescription drugs. 

 House Bills 4274 and 4275 will ease some of the ever increasing and crushing administrative burden to physicians and their staffs. These changes will allow more time to focus on patient care and improving our patients’ health.

Dr. Canfield said "Michigan physicians prefer to be in the exam room and operating suites with their staff working on their patient’s behalf instead of shuffling paper."

Kris Nicholoff, MOA CEO and Executive Director asked MOA members to "utilize our new grassroofts advocacy tool to communicate to their elected officials in support House Bills 4274 and 4275. By doing so, our legislators will understand that these administrative burdens will allow physicians more time to focus on patient care and improving patients' health."