Michigan Osteopathic Association

Michigan Osteopathic Association

Interns, Residents and Fellows

Michigan osteopathic residents are the future of our state's medical profession and Michigan is fortunate to have the largest number of osteopathic postdoctoral trainees in the country. We are fortuitous to have such skilled and dedicated professionals as part of the osteopathic profession. In addition to becoming medical experts, residents are trained in management skills, health advocacy, research methodology and professionalism. We look to them to become future leaders in ou rprofession, advocates for their patients, and some become state, national and world leaders in medicine. Therefore, we hope that all interns and residents in Michigan become involved in the Michigan Osteopathic Association (MOA) and namely on the MOA's Intern and Resident committee.



Loan Repayment Programs

Considering that the average medical student borrows approximately $168,000 to finance their education, it's no surprise that one of the most pressing needs for interns and residents is sound financial planning. The following resources provide options for loan repayment.


How do I get involved?

Jasper Yung, D.O.

MOA Resident Trustee

Dr. Yung is the EM/IM Chief Resident at St. John Macomb-Oakland Hospital, Osteopathic Division. He is a graduate of Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine, Florida, completing his internship at St. John Hospital. He currently serves as the Chair of the MOA Council of Interns/Residents, with past service as Vice-Chair and as the Resident Delegate Representative for MOA Oakland County. Dr. Yung has additionally served as Alternate Delegate Representative for the AOA House of Delegates and was Resident Representative for the MSU-SCS Educational Standards Committee. He volunteers at St. Joseph's Mercy Hospital and at the Rasak Family Clinic. He is a member of UAAO, MSUCOM, ACOEP, ACOI, and AMA.

Know the Issues

2012 has been a big year legislatively for physicians, and the Michigan Osteopathic Association has been in the thick of several key issues at the State Capitol. Here’s a run-down of what happened this year, why it happened and what it means for member physicians. Please visit Issues and Legislation to learn more.

You may also take action and support the issues the Michigan Osteopathic Association has identified.

MOA Intern/Resident Committee Members

Intern-Resident Committee
Melvin Linden, D.O., C-FP, Advisor
Edward Loniewski, D.O., ORS, Advisor
Carol Monson, D.O., C-FP, Advisor
Larry Wickless, D.O., C-GE, Advisor
Botsford General Hospital
Shant Korkigian, D.O., 2014
Stephanie Markle, D.O., 2014
Community Health Center of  Branch County
Garden City Osteopathic Hospital
Genesys Regional Medical Center
Sean Abraham, D.O., EM, 2014
Michael Debo, D.O., 2015
Rachel Freed, D.O., EM, 2014
Gregory Harris, D.O., IM, Past Chair
Mike Maruska, D.O., EM, 2015
Sonbol Shahid-Salles, D.O., EM, 2014, Past Chair
Henry Ford Macomb Warren Campus (Bi-County)
Amanda Venettis, D.O., 2016
Henry Ford Wyandotte Hospital
Huron Valley-Sinai Hospital
Kalamazoo Center for Medical Studies
Ethan Ebner, D.O., PD, 2016
Patrick Wise, D.O., 2014
McLaren-Bay Region (Bay Medical Center)
McLaren – Greater Lansing (Ingham Regional)
Sena St. John, D.O., IM, 2014, Co-Secretary
McLaren – Macomb (Mount Clemens)
McLaren – Oakland (POH)
Adam Hunt, D.O., M.H.S, ER/FP, 2016, Vice Chair
Rachel Mank, D.O., 2014
Tara Nelson, D.O., IM, 2014
Mercy General Health Partners



Metro Health Hospital
Nathan Fitton, D.O., 2016

Munson Medical Center
Oakwood Southshore Medical Center
Shania Seibles, D.O., 2015
Providence Hospital & Medical Centers
Brian Hinkley, D.O., FP, 2014
Prashant Kelkar, D.O., NS, 2014
Timothy Larsen, D.O., IM, 2014
Barrett Anderson, D.O., S, 2014
Sparrow Hospital & Health System
Dane Gruenebaum, D.O., IM, 2015, Co-Secretary
St. John Macomb Oakland Hospital
LaTeya Foxx, D.O., N, 2014
Natwalee Kittisarapong, D.O., EM, 2014
Joshua Koenig, D.O., FP, 2015
George Christensen, D.O., S, 2014, Macomb
Paige Paladino, D.O., OBG, 2014
Rachel Young, DO
Jasper Yung, D.O., EM, 2014, Chair
St. Joseph Mercy
William Beaumont Hospital
Alanna Albano, D.O., IM/PD, 2014
Danielle Harik,, 2014
Keegan Rummel, 2015

MOA staff
Shelly Madden