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Scientific Research Exhibit

The MOA hosts a Scientific Research Exhibit (SRE) twice yearly. These competitions provide osteopathic medical students, residents, fellows and attending level physicians an opportunity to present their medical and scientific research to our profession. The SRE event demonstrates the very best of what osteopathic medicine is and reaffirms the profession’s commitment to the advancement of science in osteopathic medicine.

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SPRING 2014 | AUTUMN 2014

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MOA 2014 Spring Scientific Research Awards

First place: $1,000
Second place: $750
Third place: $500
Outstanding Case Report: $250
People's Choice Award: $100

*The Andy Award is not awarded every year and only during the MOA Spring Scientific Convention. Andrew Taylor Still Achievement Award is $1500 plus a carved crystal piece.

MOA 2013 Autumn Scientific Research Awards

First place: $500
Second place: $300
Third place: $250
Outstanding Case Report: $150
People's Choice Award: $100


2013 Scientific Research Exhibits at the
MOA 114th Annual Spring Scientific Convention

First Place:
Joel M. Post, D.O., McLaren Orthopedic Hospital, Lansing

Second Place:
Joel Abbott, D.O., St. John Providence Osteopathic, Dept. of Urology

Third Place:
Robert Collins, D.O., Michigan Head and Spine Institute

Outstanding Case Report:
Katilin Hanlon, D.O., McLaren - Macomb

People’s Choice Award:
Katelyn Wiseman, OMS II - MSUCOM

Honorable Mentions:
Steven Proper, D.O.
Darin Quach, OMS III, PhD candidate

2013 Scientific Research Exhibits at the
MOA 9th Annual Autumn Scientific Convention

First Place:
Joshua Thomas, Midwestern University

Second Place:
CPT Kevin Martin, D.O., MC, USA

Third Place:
Jaimin Patel, D.O.

Outstanding Case Report:
Sonali Soral, D.O., McLaren Macomb

People’s Choice Award:
Rob Zondervan, MSUCOM

Honorable Mention:
Ramona Wallace Kwapiszewski, D.O., Muskegon Family Care
Lauren Kuehne, MSUCOM

Andrew Taylor Still (ANDY) Achievement Award 

Additionally, the Andrew Taylor Still (ANDY) Achievement Award may be presented to an outstanding exhibit during the MOA Spring Convention only. The ANDY Award, which includes an exquisitely carved crystal piece and a $1500 cash prize, is not awarded every year. Only those who best reflect the principles of osteopathic medicine with their research exhibit will receive the award during the MOA Spring Convention.
ANDY Award Winners:
2013: Shane R. Sergent, D.O., Lorenzo Lim, Travis Gordon, Katelyn Wiseman, Becky Bajoka, John Hawkins, Kenny Briceno, Hailey Wouters, Joe Simon, Lucan Chatterley, Sophia Johnson, Nathan Lowe, Laura Favazza, Afshan Khan, Alvin Vargas, Andrew Schrotenboe, Felipe Cameroamortegui, Pam Castro, Alec Ludwig, Shaina Park, Brent Keaner, Bradley Davis, and Tarana Nekzad.
2007: Scott Fannin, D.O. 
2006: Heather Lake, D.O., Rob Wall, D.O., Loai Marouf, D.O. and Chris Buatti 
1999: Lisa Vredevoogd, D.O., Mark Notman, PhD, Martin Hogan, PhD and William Johnston, D.O. 
1997: Rick Hallgren, PhD 
1995: Edward Loniewski, D.O., Joseph Williams, D.O., Anthony Bahu, D.O. and Rob Schafina, D.O. 
1993: Frank A. Paul, D.O.

MOA Scientific Research Exhibit Past Winners:

Samer Totonchi, D.O.
Steven R. Dyer, D.O.
Jamie Bartley, D.O.
Elizabeth Hanlon, D.O.
Michael Burla
Adrian Dews, Sr., D.O.
Kathryn Dalton, D.O.
Lucas D.F. Watts

Robert Collins, D.O.
Darin Quach
Thereseann Huprikar
Dustin Bivins, D.O.
Juliana Rodrigues, D.O.

Brian Keyes, D.O.
Brandon A. Behjatnia, D.O., MPT
Elizabeth Hanlon, D.O.
Nicholas S. Hoeve, D.O.
Shane R. Sergent
Molly Maniscalco, D.O.
Jaskiran Jhajj, D.O.
Joel M. Post, D.O.

Carrie Fitzgerald, D.O., MPH
Nicole Szell, OMS3
Karen Estrine, D.O.
Courtney Tabaka, OMSIV
Scott Welle, D.O.
Tarek Pacha, D.O.

Karla Witzke, D.O.
Karen Estrine, D.O.
Tarek Pacha, D.O.
Monica Maka Nafsou, OMSIV
Stephen Swetech, D.O.

Beth Makowski, D.O.
Mohammad F. Katranji, D.O.
Karla D. Witzke, D.O.
Rob Wall, D.O.
Michael Oleyar
Jeffrey Schock, D.O.
Christopher Shiepis, D.O.
Amy Brode, D.O.
Darryl Reaume, D.O.

Kelly Janis, MSU COM
John Goudreau, D.O.
Roc McCarthy, D.O.
Julia Casner, D.O.
Nancy L. S. Patel, D.O.
Samuel Allen, D.O.

Rachelle Tognacci, D.O.
Amy L. Opperer, D.O.
Gregory McIntosh, D.O.
Leanna Withrow

Christopher Beal, D.O.
Tiffany Lasky, D.O.
Tanya Itani Taival, D.O.
Matthew Farrugia, D.O.

Michael S. Hoff, D.O.
Darryl Reaume, D.O.
Douglas Iddings, D.O.
Michael Kia, D.O.
Jim Bevenour, D.O.
Marc G. Kapraw, D.O.
Obonoruma Ekhaese, D.O.

Russull Doubrava, D.O.
Donald Bartkowski, D.O.
Erik Hedlund, D.O.
Dmitriy Pales, D.O.
Thomas Mohr, D.O.
Karen Nielsen
Taryn Papandria, D.O.

Kari Hortos, D.O., FACOI
Chandan Gupte, RD, MA
Patricia Moore, RN
Carolyn Majors, D.O.
Chandan Gupte, RD, MA
Kari HOrtoz DO, FACOI
B. Tarl Hamisch, D.O.
Mary Joy Hyde, D.O.
John Homa, D.O.
Steven Roth, D.O., FACOS
Clarence L. Nicodemus, PhD
William Johnston, D.O.

Dawn Bodell, D.O.
Jon Suleskey, D.O., FACOS
Vanessa L. Harkins, D.O.
Mary J. Hughes, D.O.
Jay Lonsway, D.O.
Michael Daugherty, D.O.
John Lanesky, D.O.
Darryl Reaume, D.O.
Steven Roth, D.O.
John Suleskey, D.O.
Christopher J. Pham, D.O.

Jeffrey Mueller, D.O.
Richard Carr, D.O.
Nawal Ragheb, D.O.
Paul Seed, D.O.
Alka Indurkhya, D.O.
S.B. Lucas, D.O..
N.G. Liomba, D.O.
Malcolm Molyneux, D.O.
Terrie Taylor, D.O.
Eric Sevensma
Jay Lonsway, D.O.
Brian Yost, D.O.
Scott Devinney, D.O.
David Prieskorn, D.O.
Elizabeth Wagner, D.O.